Epo-Trans - 30-years experience in international transport

The company EPO-Trans Logistic S.A. exists since 1987. From the very beginning it’s goal has been improving the quality of the offered transport services. In the first period the FTL product included transport lines to the neighbour country beyond the Oder river  – Germany.Later on as answer to the the growing Polish economy of the early 90’s EPO-Trans became one of the first enterprises supporting other Polish companies in the trade with their Italian and Spanish partners. The constantly growing number of fleet enabled to start up groupage services from these countries.

Nowadays the fleet consists of tractors (EURO 5, EEV, EURO 6) and mega trailers with the BDE (Back Door Extension) system which allows to use all the loading space in the most efficient manner.


Our trucks are seen everyday on the roads of the European Union and Scandinavia. EPO-Trans has a long year experience worked out together with companies from the home appliance, automotive, DIY and FMCG sector.

The company has been awarded with numerous prizes and certificates.

EPO-Trans Logistic S.A. is conscious of the customer’s needs. Service availability, quality, punctuality of deliveries and flexibility based on partnership and mutual understanding are the basic features represented by our staff in everyday work and contacts with our customers.

We look forward to cooperate with you.

Epo-Trans is one of the fastest growing companies in our region

Staff increase between 2009 and 2017

174 in 2009
178 in 2010
192 in 2011
226 in 2012
255 in 2013
272 in 2014
344 in 2015
420 in 2016
435 in 2017

Number of trucks between 2009 and 2017

100 in 2009
115 in 2010
123 in 2011
148 in 2012
172 in 2013
192 in 2014
205 in 2015
255 in 2016
285 in 2017

The history of EPO-TRANS LOGISTIC S.A.

1987 – the company was esbablished and concentrates on systematic growth

2002 – Certificate of Professional Competence

2003 – the company is awarded with ISO 9001:2000 Certificate

2004 – we obtain the European License which enables to provide services inside the EU

2006 – the enterprise becomes a Joint Stock Company

September 2006 – the company moves to the new headquarters

2009 – ISO 9001:2009 Certificate

2012 – firstprize in The Drivers’ Fuel Challenge

2013-2015 – Gazele Biznesu prize

2014 –Reliable Carrier Certificate

2015 – the company’s headquarters becomes twice as big