20 tractors and 2 LNG refueling stations

Epo-Trans Logistic S.A. decided to purchase 20 IVECO Stralis version NP 460, running on liquid natural gas and offering up to 1,600 kilometers of range. The new Iveco LNG will carry out transports all over Europe and Scandinavia.

LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) is liquefied natural gas, clear, colorless, non-toxic, non-irritating, obtained after cooling to -160c.

LNG as a fuel is more ecological than traditional petroleum fuels. The advantage of LNG is lower emission of solid particles, nitrous oxide, CO2, as well as low noise. Values ​​for solid particles and NO are much lower than the Euro VI standard. The “silent” LNG engine technology makes it easy to deliver outside of standard operating hours.

Epo-Trans Logistic S.A. has a modern LNG refueling station on the premises of the new EPO LNG A4 LSSE transport base Area Krzywy Parking TIR, Krzywa, Gromadka.

Grand opening 1-04-2019!

Benefits of LNG:

  • Reduction of pollutant emissions.
  • Quiet operation of vehicles.
  • Greater safety of vehicle operation.
  • Lower operating costs of vehicles.

More information: www.epolng.pl